Some drug abuse facts you should know


It is a very common perception of people about drug addicts and victims of drug abuse that loneliness, major stress in life like work and personal life pressures, lack of moral principles or being a spoilt rich brat are the reasons for the being an addict. Studies and drug abuse facts state that it is […]

Are you an Enabler?

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We often hear a lot of talk about loved ones as an enabling a person’s drug addiction and we’d all like to say that will never be us. If there is a drug addict or an alcoholic in your life though, there is a good chance you could be enabling their addiction without even knowing […]

What if the Intervention Fails?

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When we talked about staging an intervention, we touched on the possibility that the intervention wouldn’t work. While interventions can be a powerful tool in helping your loved one see that they are in need of help, they won’t work for everyone. When you meet with the professional that will be helping you plan and […]