Some drug abuse facts you should know

It is a very common perception of people about drug addicts and victims of drug abuse that loneliness, urlmajor stress in life like work and personal life pressures, lack of moral principles or being a spoilt rich brat are the reasons for the being an addict. Studies and drug abuse facts state that it is wrong to assume that individuals who lack moral principles or value for life are drug addicts. Drug abuse is like a lethal disease and it takes up complete control over the individual’s mind and body. Substance or drug abuse has been a major cause of worry for all especially for those whose loved ones are addicted to it and have experienced loss of life, property and even peace.  Drug abuse by individuals causes horrible acts of human behaviour either on themselves or others. Suicides, killing incidences, destruction of property are the common outcome from drug abuse.

Consequences of drug abuse

Drug addicts find ways and means to satisfy their needs for more and more drugs. Drug addiction is far more lethal than alcoholism. Drug abuse completely destroys your mind and body. Drug abuse need not be from consumption of banned drugs and other substances but also from prescription abuse. If a prescription is not followed as per the instructions of the physician and dosage in excess of what is prescribed is taken, it amounts to drug abuse and can have devastating consequences. Drug abuse facts state the individual under the influence of banned drugs or intakes in excess of the prescribed drugs have committed wrongful acts.

  • Drug addicts under the influence of drugs are prone to suicides dangerous acts of bodily damage. There have been cases of individuals jumping off the sky-scrappers, off a moving train or maybe lie on the tracks. Drug abuse facts state that drug addicts have killed themselves in the most bizarre fashion.
  • Drug addicts have a tendency to even harm others. Mass shoot-out incidents like those in America and other countries have mostly occurred while the individual has been under the influence of drugs.
  • There have been devastating car crashes caused by individuals after consumption of drugs.
  • Illicit drug abuse is still rare in most countries or places where the availability is either very little or not there but prescription drug abuse is forever on a high. Children and teenagers have been found to consume the prescription drugs of their parents in excess to get the high in life. This is the most dangerous and a common phenomenon. The result can be even more devastating. The individual can die because of drug abuse, commit suicide or even manage to hurt others.
  • Drug abuse facts state that people under a lot of stress from work or other family pressures are more prone to drug addiction. People who are either lonely or unlucky in their love life have been found to abuse drugs in order to overcome all of their worries.
  • Drug abuse has varied effect on the body depending upon how badly it has been abused. Drug usage in smaller quantities result in vomiting, nausea, headaches, increase in heart rate, uneasiness and stomach pains. Abuse higher in nature has resulted in permanent brain damage, coma and slow deaths.
  • Long term effects of drug abuse have been severe depression, hallucination, damage to physical organs, permanent disability and other dysfunctional behaviour.

Drug abuse facts state that constant monitoring by parents, education in schools about the subject matter, more interaction between parents and children have shown encouraging results and there is a less likelihood of an individual abusing on to drugs. Initiative taken by parents and society plays an important role. Prevention is always better than cure and spreading knowledge, educating teenagers at home, school and during other educational programs will definitely reduce the cases of drug abuse. Drug abuse facts tell us that it is not only the mind and body of the individual abusing drugs gets affected but also their families and their loved ones. This disease takes a lot of time to get cured and needs constant attention and support for the addicts to get over with this problem. Drug abuse is a menace and has to be eradicated permanently from the society.


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